Our solutions


Do you want to penetrate new markets or extend your activity rapidly while benefiting from an expertise in transport and logistics?

The Mousset Group proposes the creation of a partnership: a strategic alliance between your company and our company.

A winning synergy

“Farmyard” leader and specialist in “logistics” such as “transport and handling”, the Mousset Group, through the creation of a new entity, allows you to enjoy the benefits of partnership while keeping control of your strategy and your performance.

A model of advanced cooperation

Experts in implementing this type of partnership, this solution allows you to:

  • create a co-enterprise dedicated to your project
  • benefit from the knowledge, technology and resources of a specialised service provider
  • share in the financial risks and responsibility between partners
  • increase your competitiveness and develop a competitive advantage
  • streamline administrative processes
  • manage human and material resources
  • control your transport costs and your logistics costs

Our guarantees

Our common objectives:

  • a fruitful, firm and sustainable collaboration
  • the preservation of your independence
  • the sharing of margins and profits
  • a completely seamless management through the profit and loss statement
  • an optimisation of costs
  • a quality of service
  • a participatory management

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