Outsourcing of your transport

Do you wish to focus on your core business while increasing competitiveness and flexibility over the long term?

Outsourcing allows you to:

  • reduce fixed costs and investments of your company
  • reduce or transfer your human and material resources
  • better control your transport costs and your logistics costs
  • benefit from the expertise of a specialised service provider


Professionals serving your outsourcing

“Farmyard” leader and specialist in “logistics” such as “transport and handling”, the group provides you with its expertise in the outsourced management of these services.  By choosing “Mousset”, you benefit from the advantages of outsourcing while maintaining control of your strategy.

Our guarantees:

  • a customised service and a solution tailored to each project
  • an optimisation of costs
  • a quality of “transport” and “logistics” service
  • compliance with your specifications
  • participatory management and HR solutions for an effective collaboration
  • a local manager on site tasked with solving your constraints

A proven methodology

At Mousset, the success of your outsourcing is not just a catchword. Our figures prove it:

  • More than half of our 850 drivers are sourced from successful outsourcing.
  • Our company makes 70% of its revenues from contracts with an average duration of 3 years.