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Logistics and management of flows

Are you looking for a logistics specialist that guarantees a flexible service for:
- management of rapid and complex flows of goods
- the management of information flows
- the optimisation of your costs

Logistics principles according to Mousset

At Mousset, logistics is a full-time job. We optimise the supply chain via the establishment of fluid, rapid and economical work steps.

Our performance factors:

  • Customised solutions: adaptation of technologies and processes according to the needs of clients, optimisation of costs
  • Quality: a recognised expertise, a team regularly keeping up to date and trained in new techniques such as the multi-activity areas concerned
  • Sustainability: a strategic installation, equipment dedicated to different jobs and services



Optimisation of flows: strategy and development

8 regional platforms: expertise in shared logistics

To optimise your rapid and complex flows, we have developed a network of 8 local regional platforms. Through this network, we are deploying our shared logistics expertise: our multi-client warehouses, each with a maximum area of 5000 m², allow the resources and logistics of several companies to be pooled together.

In permanent contact with the information systems, all of these processes include::

  • storage
  • distribution


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