Our solutions


Are you looking for a specialist to assist you in your wish to expand internationally in the following sectors:
- the farmyard
- refrigerated transport
- industrial transport
- city centre delivery

Across our foreign subsidiaries, you benefit from the high level of expertise of the Mousset Group

In terms of training

Our local drivers are trained according to the Mousset Group’s training principles:

  • knowledge of the job
  • knowledge of the product
  • client relations


In terms of responsiveness

  • rapid posting of local managers to the client site These professionals coordinate and train teams of drivers for the delivery of a service that is global and flawless
  • bilingual contact dedicated to monitoring your application
  • dedicated vehicles



In terms of regulation

  • establishment of a security protocol proprietary to the Mousset Group
  • compliance with mandatory documents and standards of conduct, safety and hygiene in force
  • compliance with “welfare” standards in force



In terms of logistics

  • fleet of equipped vehicles (every type of vehicle + truck-mounted forklifts)
  • traceability of goods and monitoring of vehicles



Our installations

  • Poland (all national destinations)
  • Morocco (all national destinations)
  • Contact us with any request


Our services

The Mousset Group meets your quality requirements for the transport of your goods. We guarantee our expertise in all services related to agri-food, industry, logistics and distribution.


  • Farmyard :  Poland is the European leader when it comes to production of poultry and we specialise in the transportation of poultry. It is therefore natural for our company to assist Polish agri-food companies in their development strategies.
  • Transport under controlled temperature 





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