Our philosphy

Family spirit

Since its inception, the Mousset Group has continued its growth in France and abroad and increased the number of its employees. However, it has succeeded in being a human-sized company that remains loyal to its values. At Mousset, the skills of individuals are respected and used to construct a collective performance.

The Mousset Group believes that competitiveness is achieved through enjoyment and personal fulfilment. For this, it sets up its own working conditions to retain employees:

  • management on 4 levels
  • contracts with profit-sharing based on results
  • pension savings account and time savings account
  • training budget 7 times greater than the legal requirement
  • career development plan for drivers



“We say it and then we do it”: the Mousset Group’s priority is to maintain a high level of quality to implement all of its services. For Mousset, standing by one’s word applies to its clients but also within the company in order to improve cooperation. For the Mousset Group, committing itself involves:

  • Diversity
  • Respect for people
  • Reliability
  • Solidarity



The mission of the Mousset Group is both economic and humane: the fulfilment of its employees contributes to the company’s growth and to the improvement of its performance. This is why, for 50 years, Mousset has involved its teams in participatory management. This management is expressed through:

  • self-assessment and anticipation with the establishment of formalised periods of exchange (Entre-Preneurs, EPA, weekly debriefings, annual interviews)
  • exchange between drivers and managers 24h/24
  • decisional autonomy and co-responsibility