Transport of live poultry

Looking for a specialist to transport :
- Chickens, Standard , export, label , organic, festive fowl, quails , guinea fowl, broilers
- Turkeys
- Duck ( duck meat , fat or ready-to- stuff )
- Other poultry on request


Starting with the transportation of live poultry and catching up to the recovery of waste, the Mousset Group and its subsidiary Avilog supports you through all the stages of the poultry



Avilog guarantees you

  • a quality approach, thanks to expert drivers who hold the CAPTAV (Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport of Live Animals), ensuring compliance with loading densities, compliance with hygiene and ventilation standards and the adoption of a suitable standard of driving.
  • a completely safe transportation, thanks to the use of handling equipment adapted to each type of poultry and according to each customer’s acceptance process.
  • a relationship of trust with the manager dedicated to processing your application and quarterly operating inspections.



  • Deliveries throughout France and internationally
  • A procedure developed according to your specifications
  • A single contact dedicated to your application
  • A schedule developed to optimise routes and to better meet your expectations
  • The traceability of your goods in real time through computer monitoring of our vehicles.
  • Monitoring of customised statistics






Suitable resources

Our road fleet:

  • Trucks + trailers
  • Tractors + semi-trailers
  • Trailer trucks
  • Trays with containers, adapted to the specificities of each client

Our dedicated equipment

  • equipment specific to the type of poultry
  • mounted forklift
  • heated and air-conditioned vehicle
  • raisable roof and tarpaulin for seasonal adaptability
  • embedded computer
  • Your contact

  • Olivier ROUILLARD

    Farmyard Manager

  • 02 51 66 01 13