Transportation of chicks and collection of eggs for hatching

You are looking for a specialist for:
- the transport of eggs for hatching to hatcheries
- the transport of one-day-old chicks (chicks, duckling and poults)
- the transfer of breeders to laying farms or between farms


AVILOG guarantees:

  • a quality approach, thanks to expert drivers who hold the CAPTAV (Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport of Live Animals), ensuring compliance with loading densities, compliance with hygiene and ventilation standards and the adoption of a suitable standard of driving. Our drivers also ensure the proper functioning of all the equipment necessary for the welfare of the animals.
  • A completely secure transportation, thanks to the establishment of procedures specific to each client, including during access to the hatchery.
  • a relationship of trust through the arrangement of weekly meetings with the manager dedicated to processing your application and quarterly operating inspections.



  • Deliveries throughout France and internationally
  • A procedure developed according to your specifications
  • A single contact dedicated to your application
  • Tour planning optimised and defined with you based on times of birth
  • The traceability of your goods in real time through computer monitoring of our vehicles
  • Monitoring of customised statistics



Suitable resources

Our road fleet:

  • Straight trucks
  • Tractors + semi-trailers

Our dedicated equipment

  • Eggs for hatching: isothermal or refrigerated trucks
  • Chicks: heated/air-conditioned trucks
  • Transfer of breeders: equipment specific to the type of poultry
  • Embedded computer
  • Your contact

  • Olivier ROUILLARD

    Farmyard Manager

  • 02 51 66 01 13

They trust us

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